Work Packages


fig11_wpsFirst, industrial use cases are selected in WP 5, based on this requirements for trusted Apps will be collected in WP 2. Then, in WP 3 and 4, the main technical basis for the trusted Apps is developed. Trials in automotive/vehicular domain as well as in the healthcare domain are then performed in WP 5. The first iteration of prototypes is planned for Month 22, following by the final prototypes in Month 34, to be evaluated in WP5. This is complemented by WP1 management and WP 6 dissemination and ecosystem building.

WP 1 Management

This work package shall cover all managerial tasks

WP2 Requirements & E2E Architecture

Scenarios, use cases and requirements will be collected in this work package. The work will be iteratively refined in appropriate versions of prototypes

WP3 Apps Base Virtualization Platform

Designs and implements the trusted execution environment (TEE), consisting of trusted hardware, trusted and secure networking as well as virtualization

WP4 Apps Execution Environment & App Store Infrastructure

It focuses on the Apps store and on the development tool chain including verification support for Apps

WP5 Integration, Trials, Evaluation

It copes with all tasks related to development of prototypes for the medical and automotive/vehicular domain. A systematic, domain specific evaluation of security and safety will be conducted and documented

WP6 Dissemination and Eco-System Building

Finally, WP6 will cover all activities concerning the dissemination and exploitation. There are several tasks planned for the dissemination and exploitation of the project results for achieving highest market impact. For example, the participation on several conferences and publishing of publications in order to promote the solutions adopted during the project. The aim is also to build an eco-system of vendors and 3rd parties to support trusted Apps platform. This also includes standardization and approaching the most suitable bodies.

Relation of the individual tasks in the project