Organizer: Marcello Coppola, STMicroelectronics, FR, George Kornaros, TEICrete, GR, Giovanni Gherardi, Energica Motor Company


How to install and use KVM within AGL on a mixed-critical Renesas R-Car M3


M. Paolino (vosys), A. Rigo (vosys), D. Raho (vosys)


Secure and Trusted Open CPS Platforms

G. Kornaros (T.E.I.), E. Wozniak (fortiss), O. Horst (fortiss), N. Koch (fortiss), C. Prehofer (fortiss), A. Rigo (vosys), M. Coppola (ST)

ISSN: 2327-3453

eISSN: 2327-3461

in book "Handbook of Research on Solutions for Cyber-Physical Systems Ubiquity"

IGI Global book series Advances in Systems Analysis, Software Engineering, and High Performance Computing, 2017

Securing Dynamic Firmware Updates of Mixed-Critical Applications

G. Kornaros (T.E.I.) and S. Leivadaros (T.E.I.)



Estimating Worst-Case Bounds for Open CPS Runtimes with Genetic Algorithms

O. Horst (fortiss), U. Baumgarten (fortiss), and C. Prehofer (fortiss)

embSFI: An Approach for Software Fault Isolation in Embedded Systems


A. Ruhland (fortiss), C. Prehofer (fortiss), O. Horst (fortiss)

Comparably Evaluating Communication Performance within Mixed-Criticality Systems, 


N.Keegan (fortiss), O. Horst (fortiss), and C. Prehofer (fortiss)

Application of IEC 61499 to Develop Apps for Open Platforms

Ernest Wozniak, Taha Abdelmoutaleb Cherfia and Christian Prehofer


A Model-based Approach for Multi-Device User Interactions


Christian Prehofer (fortiss), Andreas Wagner and Yucheng Jin


Towards Trusted Apps Platforms for Open CPS


Christian Prehofer (fortiss), Oliver Horst (fortiss), Riccardo Dodi (FCSR), Arjan Geven (TTTech), George Kornaros (TEI), Eleonora Montanari (EMC), Michele Paolino (VOSYS)

TAPPS - Trusted Apps for Open Cyber-Physical Systems



Christian Prehofer (fortiss), George Kornaros (TEI), Michele Paolino (VOSYS)

From Internet of Things Mashups to Model-based Development


Christian Prehofer (fortiss), Luca Chiarabini (fortiss)