Exploitation of TAPPS results

Exploitation forms a key aspect of the TAPPS project in order to achieve impact on an individual partner level, on a joint cooperative level, as well as on an European level. In order to maximize this impact, exploitation and eco-system building activities are planned and performed during the course of the project.

The project aims to produce results that correspond to a Technology Readiness Level of TRL 4 to 6, which implies that the project results can be demonstrated partly in a lab environment and partly in simulated real environments. In order to perform full exploitation of the project results, they must be further developed to an actual system completed and qualified through test and demonstration before they can be successfully deployed in a market environment. Although the realization of this actual exploitation is beyond the end of the lifetime of the TAPPS project, the careful planning of the Joint Key Exploitable Results (KERs) as well as Individual Key Exploitable Results must be performed during the project lifetime.

Considering the complexity of integrated platforms such as the platform developed in TAPPS, there is not one specific customer, but rather an environment of various stakeholders. The exploitation of the results is propelled through the alignment of these stakeholders, such as for example 3rd party developers, system integrators, and institutional parties.

The activities planned for the expoitaion phase of the TAPPS project ensure the uptake of results and will be refined during the project lifetime. In particular, the KERs will be further analyzed with regards to the following aspects:

  • Target customers/groups
  • Assets exploited
  • Possible services offered
  • Initial estimation of economic benefits
  • Concrete planned actions for exploiting assets during and after the project timeframe.