A new Demonstrator for the TAPPS Project

A new demonstrator was introduced in the TAPPS project after a request from the European Commision.

The new demonstartor is the implementation of the TAPPS platform in the context of an industrial production environment, specifically targeted at the deployment of distributed real-time control applications for the control on the shop floor. In production environments, criticality relates to both real-time criticality for robotics and machine control as well as mission-criticality, i.e. the availability (uptime) of the production environment is directly tied to financial gains and losses.

The goal of the demonstrator is to demonstrate the following TAPPS elements:

  • TAPPS development methodology for critical applications using 4DIAC
  • Installation of C-apps through the TAPPS marketplace and execution environments through XME.
  • Safe and secure isolation of R-apps, T-apps and C-apps deployed on the ARM Juno platform utilizing the safe and secure switch between normal and secure worlds.
  • Control of distributed CPS from the CEE utilizing TAPPS deterministic Ethernet.