TAPPS with Virtual Open Systems at the Automotive Grade Linux 2016

The Automotive Linux Summit (ALS) is the main event organized yearly by the Linux Foundation for the open source automotive community Automotive Grade Linux (AGL), which main members are Toyota, Denso, Jaguar, Panasonic, Mazda, NXP, Samsung and Intel. The importance of this event is continuously growing, and this year ALS gathered 346 attendees from 15 countries and 120 companies represented.

Virtual Open Systems participated at ALS 2016 with a TAPPS demonstrator related to the work the Company is doing in the direction of the ECU consolidation and KVM VMs/real time operating system coexistence. We demonstrated the functionality and the communication between virtual machines (TAPPS Trusted Execution Environment and TAPPS Rich Execution Environments) and a real time operating system (TAPPS Critical Execution environment) in a real use case scenario. A video demo is available here.


At the same event, Virtual Open Systems presented a TAPPS platform entitled “High computing ARMv8 platforms to support centralized ECU functions”. The presentation described the possible ARMv8 deployments in automotive, with particular focus on the TAPPS architecture porting to recent ARMv8 platforms such as the Renesas R-CAR H3. The slides are publicly available here.


Virtual Open Systems is actively working to bring virtualization to AGL with an official proposal to create an Expert Group within the AGL organization with the intent of defining the requirements, use cases and architecture of virtualized AGL solutions (see Birds of Feather BOF Hypervisor). The discussion is ongoing, and will continue with a Birds Of a Feather (BOF) during the upcoming AGL All Member Meeting (AMM) 2016 which will be held in Munich on September 7th 2016.