Smart Trolley for Odysseus 2016

As explained in the first post, the Smart Trolley is one of TAPPS case studies. A strong consortium of Italian SMEs (Small-Medium Enterprises) has developed its prototype, under the management of Ospedale San Raffaele. In the previous weeks, the project has been presented in the contest Odysseus 2016: navigare nelle idee (i.e. surfing in the ideas).


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Odysseus aims at finding fresh and innovative ideas that bring together SMEs, technology and values for the development and growth of smart societies.

In this context, the Smart Trolley is a healthcare example that enriches the actual therapy trolley. In fact, the trolley is a Cyber-Physical System that reduces medication errors, enhances the standards of quality during patient care and ensures efficiency, security during all phases of patient therapy.



Thanks to TAPPS architecture, the interaction between the therapy application and the actuation of automatic drawers is secured and controlled by independent security layers (see front page of TAPPS website for TAPPS architecture and key elements).

As for now, the proposal of Smart Trolley is under examination by the Commission of Odysseus 2016. If accepted, it will be presented in Bergamo, October 3rd 2016.


Stay tuned, we will keep you updated!